Jewellery Design

All my jewellery is made from Perspex acrylic sheet, poly-methyl methacrylate (PMMA).

Its a type of plastic called a thermoplastic, which means it can be reheated and reformed multiple times, AKA recycled. 

However, due to my design processes with the glues I use, some elements would not be recyclable as they can't be stripped back to the single PMMA. Please read the Perspex Environmental Brochure here 

With this is mind, I ensure my designs are well thought out and made to give them a long a life-span as possible. I can also repair pieces if they become damaged, prolonging their life further

Some of my designs feature a wooden element. I use Poplar plywood, that has a FSC mark (Forestry Stewardship Council information here) that ensures all the wood used is sourced from a sustainably managed forest.


Sustainable Packaging

I have been working hard to source high quality packaging that ensures your order arrive safely and has minimal impact on the environment.

Please find how to recycle/dispose of the elements below

 Packaging Item Made from recycled materials ♻ Can be recycled ♻ Can be reused ♻ Refuse bin
Blue postal box

Packing/info cards

Packing tape let me know if you do!
Jewellery box
Velvet insert