Photo of Kate in her garage, smiling with a cup of coffee

Hiya! I’m Kate, creator of LaserKate laser cut acrylic jewellery, mother of Sam and a laser cutter! 

I’ve been lasering around 10 years now, starting back during my training as a Design Technology teacher. I'd spend hours after school, creating items and developing my design skills! I just loved the possibilities of what I could create, and obsessively taught myself over the years. I'd create gifts for friend's weddings, babies and birthdays, but always dreamed of going down the acrylic jewellery route.

LaserKate started from my garage in July 2019, with a laser cutter my dad found, and a stash of acrylic and plywood sheets. I worked away on designing and making during Sam's nap times and evenings, creating personalised gifts and cake toppers. But deep down I wanted to create jewellery, and I decided to release a couple of Christmas statement necklaces at the end of 2019. And that was the start of me totally focusing on acrylic jewellery!

 I LOVE creating designs based around nature and the changing seasons and sourcing fabulous acrylics to make them come to life! I'm gradually adding to my Blooming Lovely collection, which now includes flowers from spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each new design stretches my skills; the Rock Pool necklace from my Seaside collection was a real turning point, and pushed the engineering side of my brain to create the little pool for sea creatures to move around freely in. 

   Image shows original sketches with Kate's final daffodil and anemone pieces   Kate, editing a design on her laptop   Kate, setting up her laser to cut a design    Kate, carefully gluing her Autumnal Necklace together   A necklace being carefully place in a gift box
My designs start life as a hand drawing, which I scan into my software. I then edit it to be laserable (I'm making that into a word!) It's then cut and engraved by the laser cutter. The rest of the process is done by hand; hand painting the engravings to bring out the detail, gluing the pieces together, then finishing with findings and chains. I do every part of the process, and make sure your piece is finished to the highest standard, and carefully wrapped so you get the WOW factor when opening!


I am extremely proud of fundraising I did during the start of Lockdown. With the help of my awesome Instagram and Facebook followers, I raised enough funds to make 5000 mask clips to aid ear comfort for Keyworkers battling the Covid crisis. I went on to donate £300 to The Trussell Trust and NHS Charities together through the sales of Rainbow Heart necklaces, made from the off cut hearts from the mask clips. 


None of this would be possible without my incredible family around me.

A humongous thank you to my parents, they gave me SUCH a creative childhood and inspired me to become a DT teacher (they were both fantastic DT teachers!) without that foundation, I wouldn't be where I am today. They also backed me with the laser, and gave me this opportunity to give my dream a go. I can't thank them enough!

The support and patience of my husband never ceases to amaze me. Nick refurbed our garage over Lockdown, so I had a dedicated space to run LaserKate. Without it, I genuinely don't think I could have scaled up the jewellery making in the way I have! He also keeps me going when I have wobbles, and looks after Sam when I am super busy. He's awesome!

I have a couple of pretty awesome siblings! My talented sister, Rebecca Douglas, https://www.rebeccadouglas.co.uk has been the branding guru behind my photos and leap into launching this website. She is such an inspiration, and I really hope to have a tiny bit of her success! Thank you for being my cheerleader Bex, and husband Mark for the IT support setting up this site! And my tech wizard/general IT superstar brother Andrew; he's been on the end of a Facetime when I've needed any help with my computer or laser, his knowledge is just incredible!

My in-laws have been brilliant, taking Sam for the day when they visit so I can crack on with orders in the garage. Marion has also been a great go-to with designs to get a second opinion!


And thank you to Sam, for being my reason and napping so much at the start. I do this all for you little man.

When I'm not lasering, I'm spending time with Sam and my husband, Nick, going for walks and playing with Duplo. I also love crocheting and trying out new crafts - I'm a bit of a craft-o-holic!

 Kate with her family; son Sam on her husband's shoulders